Recent Instructions

  • UK Nationals based in the Cayman Islands seeking finance of £700,000 to assist with the purchase of two North London apartments on a buy to let basis.

  • New Zealand based client with property in London valued at £450,000. Seeking refinance and equity release to purchase New Zealand residential property for own occupation - £250,000

  • Singapore based Lawyer seeking finance for refinance and equity release on existing UK property to purchase additional investment property - £400,000

  • Expat based in China seeking a refinance of UK property valued at £235,000. Existing lender would not renew as borrower no longer UK resident.

  • Singaporean clients looking to purchase London property at £450,000 for rental investment opportunity. Loan required of £300,000

  • Self employed UK National based in Malaysia seeking finance of £1.925m to assist with the purchase of a Central London residence.

  • UK Expat based in Moscow looking to relocate family back to UK. Seeking mortgage at 80% of purchase price.

  • Clients based in Sri Lanka seeking finance of 80% to purchase apartment in Bristol for their daughter whilst studying at university.

  • UK National from Scotland with flat based in Glasgow. Living and working on a yacht in the Caribbean seeking mortgage of £70,000 to refinance current mortgage from onshore lender.

  • Channel Islands resident with commercial property based in London valued at £2m. Property owned by SIPP and placed in offshore company with equity release to beneficial owner of £500,000

  • Existing client (UK Expat) based in Brunei looking to purchase a third property back in the UK for £300,000 on a buy to let basis. Finance raised on an interest only basis over a 10 year term.

  • UK clients based in the RoI seeking finance to purchase a small portfolio of UK properties taking advantage of depressed market prices. Total funding requirement £925,000 approved over a 20 year term.

  • Purchase of 4 North London apartments for £1m for wealthy African family through a BVI company which is in turn owned by a Trust administered in Switzerland. Finance approved at 3.14% for a 20 year term.




Minimum loan: GBP 100,000 or currency equivalent.

Further advances – GBP 35,000 or currency equivalent.

Interest rate: view here

Repayment options: Capital & Interest repayment or Interest Only.

Loan term: 30 year term or up to 70 years of age, whichever is earlier.

Financing: Maximum 70% of purchase price or valuation price, whichever is lower. 65% if multi currency option is offered (multi currency being NEITHER the currency of the property or the income stream).

Arrangement fee: 0.5% of the loan amount and payable upon acceptance of formal offer letter and is non-refundable.

Legal fees :For client’s account (both the borrower’s and the bank’s legal fees)

Valuation fees, stamp duties, taxes, communication charges, building & other forms of insurance: For clients account.

Corporate / Trust borrower handling fee: 0.25% of the loan amount for clients who borrow via a company or trust structure, payable upon acceptance of formal offer letter and is non-refundable. Offshore company registration fees may also be payable.

Currency switching: Subject to qualification criteria and availability, which varies from time to time. When currency switching is offered, two free switches per calendar year, USD150 per switch thereafter.

Security: First legal charge or mortgage over the property.

Leasehold properties: Minimum 50 years left to run after repayment date.

Letting/Rental: No additional charges or increase in interest rates but tenancies or lets beyond certain terms will require our formal, written authorization and lower loan to value ratios may apply.

Repayment: Quarterly in arrears.

Early repayment: No penalties for prepayment (except Libor, Euribor or COF based loans which do not coincide with the interest rollover date).

Pre-drawdown amendments A handling fee of USD150 will be charged should borrowers wish to make any amendments to the loan offer letter after the letter has been issued and accepted.

In addition to completed properties, the bank will exceptionally, and on a case by case basis, consider financing the purchase of residential properties under development with stage payments, provided that the properties are located in good quality residential districts e.g. 10, 11, 12 and 15.  Projects that are not in the recommended districts may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Expected completion date of building works should allow the purchaser to occupy the property within 18 months of the first loan drawdown

The developer of the property must -

(i) be licensed by the Controller of Housing, Singapore (ii) be a publicly listed company (or subsidiary thereof) in Singapore (iii) provide the bank with architects’ certification of stage construction and certification of final construction to enable the bank to verify stage completions and to take a charge against the property and release the required amount of funds to a Project Account (established pursuant to and governed by the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act (Cap 130), the Housing Developers Rules and the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules 1985, Singapore.

Bank consent is required for entering into letting or tenancy agreement for terms exceeding 2 years


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