Offshore Bank Accounts

We understand that there may not be a need for finance and an offshore account is your only requirement and we are well placed to help arrange this.

Different banks offer different accounts both in terms of rates, features and benefits.

For example, with one of our lenders, when you qualify for a mortgage, we can arrange a current account which, whilst not paying any interest, does not have a minimum balance to be maintained. There are no maintenance charges but there are charges for unpaid items, going overdrawn etc. The account can have a Visa debit card which also works in ATM machines worldwide. There is also free telephone banking, online banking, text alert and smart phone apps.

Another of our preferred (international) banks offers offshore bank accounts where typically the client requires to have access to savings overseas, receipt of international salary, travel for business, property overseas etc.

Accounts can be opened without funding but the bank will expect funds within 6 weeks. The above fee will incur after 3 months of opening. The accounts have VISA debit cards for cash access and also have online and telephone banking at no extra cost.

The above are just a sample - we will look at your requirements and liaise with the appropriate banks in order to satisfy your bank account requirements.

What we need from you and Certifying your documents . On the basis that you are able to comply with these requirements and complete the bank's account opening application, then you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits of an offshore account.

We are able to assist with all of these and you should note that our fee for this service is £199.

Please contact us if you require further information about this service.

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